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95% of Singapore’s Electricity Generation

The Singapore Energy Market is a robust, dynamic, 24x7 trading market designed to foster reliability, competition and fairness. The Government of Singapore has made significant strides in developing a deregulated energy market for one of the most vibrant economies in the Asia-Pacific region.

At the heart of the Energy Market is natural gas – a
clean-burning fossil fuel that accounts for 95 per cent of Singapore’s electricity generation.
(Source: Energy Market Authority of Singapore,

From understanding energy market regulations to developing operational procedures and cost-effective consumption strategies, our team can assist:

— Organizations that are new to the Singapore Energy Market to quickly and smoothly become acclimated to market requirements and regulations, and
— Veteran organizations and teams that are looking for deeper strategic insight into their energy business.

  • Singapore Gas Network Code Training
    Get your team up to speed quickly on the latest market rules and regulations, refresh your knowledge of the Code, or join our Deep-Dive course for in-depth understanding of market principles.

Sales & Pricing

What’s your commodity pricing strategy?
Are your margins healthy and sustainable?
We’ll work with your gas and electricity
teams to ensure that you’re competitive
and profitable, and help minimize your
exposure to market volatility.

Rights Utilization

Our consultants will give you the tools and
knowledge that you need to understand
your Capacity Rights usage and show you
how to maximize your capacity bookings
through allocation and monetization.


As a Shipper in the Gas Market,
organizations are required to nominate as
accurately as possible, or face substantial
penalties. This responsibility becomes
increasingly complex as organizations
provide shipping services for their
customers. We’ll help your team devise
proven, effective strategies to optimize
your nominations.


Maintaining compliance within a
constantly evolving energy market can be
challenging. We stay up to date with the
latest policy changes and make sure that
our clients and our systems stay abreast
of those changes.


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