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Cloud Infrastructure
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Cloud Infrastructure


Just a few years ago, organizations staffed their IT teams with highly-skilled, specialized network engineers, made substantial investments in hardware and facilities and waited weeks or months for their infrastructure to be ready to host their enterprise applications. 

Today, enterprise infrastructure can be ready in a matter of hours, scaled to meet computational demands in minutes and torn down just as quickly once they’re no longer needed.

Whether you’re running a small intranet portal, a mobile computing platform, a mission-critical application or enterprise analytics systems, we can help you achieve your business goals

Define a realistic strategy, budget and timeline

Execute the infrastructure implementation according to plan

Design a scalable architecture to meet your computing needs

Ensure infrastructure stability & availability through proactive monitoring



Infrastructure Planning

Plan, build, scale, repeat - technology has enabled rapid roll-out of enterprise ready platforms inconceivably fast. Without adequate planning, organizations risk under-budgeting, over-budgeting and inflexible architectures that don’t scale with the business requirements. We can work as an extension of your team, or lead and deliver a robust platform so you can focus on growing your business.

Public & Private Cloud Deployment Strategies

The breadth of cloud hosting options available are astonishing. Companies can leverage the cloud to quickly spin-up test environments, development servers and sandboxes for proofs-of-concept and prototypes, and just as easily tear them down once they’ve served their purpose. We’ll help you prepare a public or private cloud deployment strategy that works, by removing the complexities from cloud hosting and getting the most out of your project budget.

High-Availability & Disaster Recovery Planning

Organizations rely on their IT systems to be fully operational, especially during peak usages and during disaster events. To achieve this continuity, IT teams must develop highly-available applications with comprehensive disaster recovery solutions combined with Disaster Recovery Plans and Business Continuity Plans. We have hands-on experience designing, building and testing high-availability and disaster recovery solutions for mission-critical enterprise applications.

Security Monitoring & Auditing

IT systems and the data within them are one of your greatest assets. We leverage industry-trusted technologies and best practices to secure your systems and your data, giving you capabilities to proactively monitor changes in your systems and anomalies in your data, and making sure you data is safe and secure from unauthorized access.


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